Blind Faith

Faith and Trust.  These are two different things.  Faith and trust are indeed contradictory. Trust is earned, faith is blind. Faith requires no evidence for belief or practice.  The very nature of faith surmises that tangible evidence doesn’t exist.  Otherwise, there is manifestation. Trust is based largely on evidence that is real.  In order to trust, there are usually some verifiable facts. Trust is the Read more about Blind Faith[…]

Change is Good – You Go First

The first caveat to this nonsensical post is that Scott Adams’ Dilbert cartoon strip is NOT approved literature for the squeamish.  Funny indeed, but painful.  In the words of the immortal Scott Adams: Change is good, You go first.  The therapy lightbulb joke is: How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb?  Only Read more about Change is Good – You Go First[…]